What you can do now

If the new guest tax law in its present drafted form had been approved then 2nd home owners who use their flat exclusively and those who let their holiday home permanently or periodically would have been faced with a significant annual guest tax increase regardless of how often they use or let their Holiday accommodation.


Since 2nd home owners do not reside in Klosters they cannot vote on any local issues. However they can and should express their opinion(s) and views. To do this complete the attached contact form where you can chose one or several of the following options:


  • List your contact details and express an opinion about the new tax law. Your
    comment(s) will then appear on the website

  • List your contact details and indicate that you want to just be informed about newdevelopments
    related to the new guest tax law and other relevant issues whenthey happen.

  • List your contact details and state that you would be interested to join a 2nd home owners association.
    Since 2nd home owners have no voting rights such an official association would represent its members
    views to the localauthorities and wherever possible initiate exclusive benefits.